Siding Innovations Redwood Siding Installs
We provide custom Redwood siding installations for your highend custom home.
Redwood siding is a great siding, it is easily stained to show the beautiful grain of the wood.
Redwood siding is naturally resistant to rot and decay,
Redwood siding will last for many years as long as it is stained regulary.
Product Selection
We only use the highest quality of Redwood siding from the top lumber mills in the western states, with many choices of siding grade.
Expert Installation
We stand behind our workmanship, we hire the highest skilled craftsmen in the business insuring you of quality.
Design Support
Need help getting the right design for your home improvement project?
Let our design team take care of it for you.
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Quality Products And Craftmenship.
Our major goal at Siding Innovations is to provide the highest quality products combined with the highest quality of installation, we call this Quality Assurance.
Quality Assurance covers all activities from design, development, production and installation,
The most important part about your purchase of any Redwood siding product, should be the quality of not only the product itself but the installation practices of that product.

Also that product and service should be backed by a warranty that is going to insure you many years of support and service, against any thing that may become a burden to you and your family, you should be rest assured that you products and installations purchased will last a lifetime.

Redwood Siding
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