Will installing new vinyl windows help save on my heating and cooling costs?

Yes, On an average you should expect at least a 30% in savings.

How long does vinyl siding last?

All our vinyl siding products are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
What profiles do you offer in CertainTeed Insulated Siding?

We offer a traditional Double 6", and a wide-style Single 7" available in 20 standard colors.

What profiles do you offer for your MainStreet series?

We offer a Double 4"and a Double 4" Dutch Lap available in 20 colors, and a Double 5" in 20 standard colors.

What profiles do you offer in the Monogram series?

We offer a Double 5", and a Double 5" Dutch Lap available in 20 standard colors.

We need a product with greater stability, but one that still looks good on the home. Which Alcoa product would you suggest?

All of CertainTeed's products are warranted for their stability and durability.
Is vinyl siding recyclable?

Yes, into PVC pipe.

Can vinyl siding be painted?

We offer a Double No, it should not be painted and painting will void the warranty.
Can vinyl siding be installed directly onto studs?

Vinyl siding should always be applied over a solid wood sheathing or some type of backer board (substrate) never to uncovered stud walls. The sheathing or backer board should be a flat, solid surface.

How thick is CertainTeed's Board & Batten?

Our Board & Batten is .046" thick.
What is the difference between Board & Batten and other siding products?

Board & Batten comes in wider dimensions than other panels.

What types of finishes are on Board & Batten?

Board & Batten is finished with a low-gloss cedar-grain finish.

What does full length add to the product?

Full length return means panels lock securely and stay in place, even in wind loads up to 125mph.

Can soffit improve a home's energy efficiency?

Ventilated soffit improves airflow throughout the roofline and attic, keeping a home cooler in the summer, drier in the winter, thus reducing energy costs.
What is the difference between Envoy Smooth Trim Sheet and Envoy PVC Trim Sheet?

Striated PVC surface provides the look of painted wood.

What profiles do your corner lineals come in?

We offer a 5" in both smooth and fluted styles. Both styles are available in White and DreamColorâ„¢.