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All homes have some type of siding, if they do not have siding they will have brick or stucco. Siding comes in a variety materials, wood types include Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Douglas fir, and a few exotic woods.

Also siding comes in a engineered form as well, most types come in a layered form or a compressed form made from mostly salvaged wood from mills and manufacturing plants.

Siding also is available in metal, the original is aluminum siding then followed steel siding. Aluminum is still used today not for siding as much but for the trim work, like wrapping your window and door casings. Also for covering your eaves and overhangs.

Steel siding is mostly used on steel commercial buildings, it hasn't been used much for home siding since vinyl siding became popular. Steel siding is one of the better sidings and is still produced today.

Vinyl siding is the most popular choices today. It is very durable and resists fading and rotting more than most other materials, is is very easy to work with and is widely available. It is a petroleum based product and is a factor in oil consumption.

Fiber Cement siding is not a new product as it has been around for many years. Most know as asbestos siding, actually they used asbestos as the fiber part of the cement siding. James Hardie is the more know name for fiber cement siding, it is a great product as it holds paint better then most types of siding. It won't rot like wood siding and does not expand and contract as much as other types of siding does. Therefor the paint will adhere to it much longer.
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Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Siding 2

Vinyl Siding 2

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