Mid-America Window Headers
Reminiscent of a classic architectural crosspiece, Mid-America headers give windows and doors a stately finished appearance.

Mid-America Sunburst and Sunburst Kits
Whether above a window or set within a gable roofline, Mid-America Sunbursts add a welcomed curve among the hard lines and rigid angles of a home’s architecture. Sunburst Kits are an unexpectedly elegant finishing touch for large windows, sliding glass, or french doors.

Door Surround
First impressions are always important and nothing makes an entranceway more impressive than a Mid-America Door Surround. Use a Header and Pilaster to create a Door Surround that sets apart a home’s front door, or gives a perfectly finished look to a sliding, french or garage door.
Corner Blocks and Lineals
Corner Blocks with Lineals are the perfect way to accentuate and better define windows.

Mid-America Dentil Trim
Fine craftsmanship is what truly sets a home apart. Dentil Trim is a simple way to give a home distinctive architectural character.


Mid-America Gable Vents
add character to the overall design of a house in either a functional or decorative application.

Mounting Blocks
When it comes to a home, little things can matter the most. That’s why unfinished rough openings around exterior lighting and fixtures can take away from even the best siding job. Mounting Blocks help to seat fixtures correctly, giving your siding job a completely finished look.

Oval and Octagon Decorative Windows
Decorative Windows from Mid-America can bring the perfect amount of added light to bathrooms, stairways, foyers, and other exterior walls. Place them near the roofline to give a new level of distinction to a gable.

Utility Vents
Mid-America offers durable Utility Vents that provide a finished appearance to vent openings. Why settle for plain white or unattractive metal vents when you can use one of 220+ colors or a paintable/stainable option to coordinate with any home’s exterior. Click on the thumbnails below for information on each style.
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